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Likes and Interests
Gothic culture, my girlfriend (when I have one), my closest friends, computers, thunderstorms, funerals, self advancement and achievement, evolution, upgrades, geniuses, The Renaissance Festival, camping, biking, cars, games, computer hardware, computer software, other types of technology, science, art, music, dogs, bombs and other explosives, money and coin collecting, sci-fi entertainment, multimedia, firearms, pizza
Non Gothic culture, the sun, not having the things I like, stupid people, rap, god, road construction, cold weather (but snow is cool), Disney (except for Tron), my mom when she's drunk, and especially people who wish to destroy me, the things I like, or propagate the things I hate.
aliens, angst, anime, apathy, architecture, art, beauty, biking, black, blood, burning, camping, candles, cannibalism, capes, cartoons, castles, cerebral pursuits, chains, city club, classical, clubs, comedy, computers, concerts, consideration, creating, creativity, crimson, cuddling, cybergoth, cyberpunk, dancing, darkness, data, death, demons, detroit, dragons, dreaming, dreams, driving, dystopia, education, electronics, enlightenment, eternal life, evil, evolution, facets, factories, fear, fire, freaks, freedom, gaming, goth, gothic, graveyards, hacking, hacktivisim, hell, honesty, horror, ideas, imagination, immortality, industrial, infinity, intelligence, internet, internet radio, irc, irony, justice, kissing, knifes, knives, ladies, learning, leather, lego's, life, logic, love, luna, mephisto's, midnight, monsters, morbidity, movies, murder, music, mythology, night, night life, observing, parties, peace, pepsi, pez, philosophy, photography, pirate radio, pirate television, pizza, programming, psychology, puzzles, radio, rain, reality, relaxing, retro, rivetheads, romance, romantics, roses, royal oak, science, sex, shadows, sin, sleep, sleeping, solitude, space, spikes, spirals, stars, subgenius, supercomputers, talking, tears, technology, tenderness, the labyrinth, thinking, thunder storms, vampires, villains, violence, women, writing, zombies
Sense of humor
None or morbid
Religious Beliefs
None or Atheist
Political Status
Observed holidays
Halloween, Friday the 13th, Fall Equinox, Winter Solstice.
Favorite colors
Black, Silver, Red (in that order)
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Technical manuals


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My views on religion
  Atheism and Agnosticism


  Was the founder of the BTC mIRC channel on DalNet (and usually the only one in there). Now I run the server on and am part of TheGleek's network.
Webmaster work
  On the website I would edit, update, and delete news, member pages, message boards, and other misc. areas of the site and was an administrator on the message boards. Worked on the old website. Used to run for a while too. Now I manage this one.


Death and darkness surround me. My heart is made of Obsidian and Brimstone. I am what people shun, children fear, old women run from, dog's bark at, and what police pull over because they think I look "suspicious", for I am Scary Guy and everyone should fear me or at least tremble a little. 38-> I am a computer guru. I hate being called Dave/Davie/Guy. I'm an Atheist (deal with it), I'm cool with you if your cool with me, don't leave me annoying messages that just are little nothings and have something to say that's worth saying.

I am a huge computer nerd/guru.  I graduated in may of 1999. My parents said that I could get the internet after I graduated.   But December 14th, 1999 I got a cable connection with AT&T/ComCast (formerly Mediaone Roadrunner (formerly Mediaone Express)).  You will se allot happen to the universe but most pages will remain the same.

The story of my name is that I have gone through many names. I started out as WAR HAMMER.  I got tired of it when I thought when I found out 30 other people had it.  Then I thought of SILLYCON.  No one had that name I thought, I found out someone in south Carolina had it so I had three choices.  #1. Go down there, find him and beat his ass #2. Live with it or #3. find a different name.   Then I heard a Megadeth song off of Rust in Peace.  The title track sounded great (Rust in Peace/Polaris).  So then I became POLARIS and I said I'd always stick to that name and It was great (even though I found out about a million other people had it).  Well then this one group of girls I rode the buss with started calling me Scary Guy.  So I changed my identity again because I liked that one better. They call me that because  I am the tall, stalker looking type of person who wares all black and looks really evil.

I Joined BTC because I met Weedo [BTC] (now xbtc) on the Mediaone LAN.  He was playing with some bots at the time fooling around in the warehouse.  I decided to say hello.  I found out he lived 8 streets away from me and we met 2 days later at the Dairy Twirl.  With him was Elroacho (now xbtc also) and we all got to talking about stuff and other stuff related to quake and who we all knew around the neighborhood and other different people.  If it weren't for him I wouldn't have been in BTC so allot of thanks go to him (that clan jumping whore j/k).


Universe Information

The idea came from my friends who said that I was in a world of my own.  This gave me an idea to create a world of my own.  Then I thought why not skip the world and make it an entire universe having all of my interest's, projects and whatever else in it.  Thinking about the other web pages that were out there already, I thought I would take the best of the best and modeled my page after them.  So that's how it all got started. Now that I'm older I realize most web pages out there are complete and utter shit. I'm trying to raise the bar a bit. August 13th, 2002. I got and modeled it after making the gothic version geared for blood. Then Patrick who has done my hosting for the past 4-5 years lost the old domain. The site is now hosted on the one I bought for the hearse club (formerly my own at and is more personal these days.

My friend Matt H. (formerly Lord Malagar and Fire in Water, Raven Lord, Eltar the Mad, Ankron, and now Evelar_Hide) helped a lot by setting me up with my first web page in Geocities and teaching me some of the basics of HTML.  Since Geocities sucks major ass I moved it to Media One's server and since Media One only gives 10 MB free space I moved it onto my home computer.  Since my computer isn't a dedicated server with a lot of bandwidth it was back on AT&T's server.  Then I got web space from my friend Pat and just put it on his server.  Again this would not be as good as it is without the help of Matt H. who also helped me with my frames and gave me some coding.   Professor Lung helped by taking out all the useless coding that Microsoft Front Page 98 left in, I must give lots of credit to him too.

Everything else I have done myself and give credit to me. Sorry but it would take an entire web site to name all the other people who helped out (I stole from) and I'm too lazy to create one (maybe when I'm board out of my mind one day).

Why do I call my web page a universe instead of a web page?  Simply because.  Well..  Just look at me, I have so many interests and I'm going to try and make a galaxy (page) for them all for people to look at and yell at or glorify me for.  Also this isn't just one page, usually no web page is.  It is a bunch of pages linked together and that would actually be a web site.  Before I couldn't call it a web site because it was being hosted on MediaOne's server and calling it Scary Guy's hosted site just sounded lameassed.  I could call it Scary Guy's web site now but universe just sounds so much bigger on the larger scale than web site.  Besides too many people know it as Scary Guy's Universe now, so why confuse more people?


The Mortis City Hearse Club

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